As Consumers, how often do we measure the value of a product by the amount of stuff it offers?

As Product Makers, how often do our Companies measure our progress by the amount of stuff we produce?

Outcomes over Outputs

It’s common for Companies to mistake making stuff with making progress. But stuff is not a real measure of value. Features can be finished, and delivered, and work perfectly, but still not provide any value.

One fundamental problem of this output-based planning is that it makes it hard to prioritize work. …

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Here’s a harsh truth: you can survive for a while with usability or performance issues, but without the core value of a product, you have nothing. Customers don’t have to buy your products, and users don’t have to use your features. They will only do so if they perceive real value.

That’s why you should spend the majority of your efforts accessing the value of your product. And, for this, you need to be an expert on the customer/user: their issues, their pains, their desires, how they think, etc. You’re shooting blind until you understand those.

One great tool you…

Like it or not, there’s no escape. As a Product Manager, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the market and industry in which your product adds value and competes. And this includes having a deep understanding of the competitor landscape.

What competitors should I keep an eye on?

If you don’t know who your competitors are: first, don’t say it out-loud; second, find them out asap.

Tip: search “[your product] vs” and “[competitor] vs”; you’ll find a good list quite fast.

Competitors can be:

  • Direct — solving the same problem and addressing the same users; users have to choose between you and them
  • Indirect — solving…

Like everything, products are born and then eventually die. This sounds tragic but it shouldn’t be. If all goes well, their life will be full of interesting challenges, happy conquers and will touch the lives of all those around them. Worth it!

Through their life, products will go through different phases. Each phase has its specific demands and will need different muscles and skills from you, as you are a Product Manager.

We’ve checked before how much a PM’s work varies according to the type of product and through the product development cycle. …

What is the difference between product and project management?
Some people think they are one and the same and I can understand that — there’s indeed overlap between what product managers and project managers do in an organisation.

I’m all about embracing the overlap and not being precious about role boundaries, but there’s power in knowing what distinguishes both disciplines.

Product management is about strategy

Product management is about discovering a product that is valuable, viable, usable and feasible. Its success is the success of the product itself.
The approach to achieve this success is not pre-defined — that’s when strategy kicks in.

It typically…

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I knew a few things before I started writing user stories:

  • Their use-cases are multiple — they can be the entry point for product scope discussions, design specifications, technical deep-dives, quality test plans, future documentation, etc
  • Their readers can be anyone cross-teams — both technical and non-technical, and they are specialists in their areas
  • They should define the what, not the how — eg: a frame needs to be hanged on a wall, let’s leave to the specialists to see if it’s being glued, nailed or anything else
  • Their language should be commonly understood and technicalities are undesirable — anything…

More than 4 years ago, I introduced Super Product Managers. You had time to wonder: are all Super Product Managers alike? Do they all use the same superpowers and the same tricks in all situations? And do those superpowers and tricks work the same in all situations?
The answer is no.

Yes, in Software products, all PMs’ day-to-day life has plenty of overlap. But the strategy, goals and execution can be very different. It mainly depends on the kind of user base the product they are working on has. Not only on the user base in fact, but on stakeholders…

No matter how complicated is the context where a product will be used, it has to feel as safe and painless as possible. This need is evident when we see products as solutions to problems: we won’t solve a problem by providing a solution that is a problem on itself, right?

Usability is the one that measures how easy a user interface is to use. Side by side with utility, it says how usable a product is. It is a part of the user experience. …

It’s all about a great product, we know. But who’s there making sure a team ships THAT great product? The Super Product Manager obviously!

Product Managers are the ones responsible for the hopeful success of a product. They’ll do what it takes for it to come true, including: glueing all groups together; uncovering problems; defining solutions; prioritising and charting the course of work; all until the product is where it is intended to be. These superheroes’ work might not seem very tangible at first, but it is indeed valuable. They are always side by side with the product and their…

Delivering a great product should be the first focus of any IT Company. It is the solution to the problem that first got us started in here after all. The users of that product will then be the people that used to have that problem (even if they didn’t know it). But they don’t anymore, because they use our product, got it? People with fewer problems are happier people, and happier the world is. We made a happier world, isn’t that a noble thing? Prestige and recognition await us. And money, and love from some extremely attractive individuals from the…

Cláudia Delgado

I’m a Product Manager and I work on software products. Sometimes I write short and simple posts about this thing I do.

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